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In March 2013, Yanmar launched its new growth strategy: creating a premium brand.

The key words for this activity are "Technology - Service - Hospitality". They represent the world's highest-level technology, which the company has cultivated over the past 100 years; service that is thought over from every possible angle; and hospitality which anticipates the needs of customers even before they are aware of those needs. By combining all of the three together, the company will attempt to offer solutions that even exceed the imagination of customers and provide satisfaction to customers that goes one step beyond what they hope for.

The main fileds the company has involved itself in are the sea, the land and the city. By means of high-grade engineering and bold planning and proposals, the company aims at advancing as a global enterprise, with the further goal of raising the value of agriculture and fishing as industries.

 Raising the "Flying Y" as a symbol of its new identity, the Yanmar Group aims to become a front-running global brand in food production and harnessing power, soaring to heights that no one has yet seen.

Yanmar group businesses: 7 Domains




Industrial Engine Business

Toward creating an environmentally responsible diesel engine that conforms to even the environmental standards for emissions of the U.S and Europe, which are the world's most stringent, this  domain works on integrating everything from development to production and sales.



Large Engine Business

Uniting development, production, sales and service, this domain takes as its business model raising the Life Circle Value of our customers.



Marine Business

Together with providing the world with economical and reliable small and medium-size environmentally resonsible engines, this domain is also broadening operations related to FRP boats.



Agricultural Business

Centered on unified mechanization of rice cultivation by employing the newest technology, this domain is attempting to mechanize various processes in agricultural operations.



Construction Business

As the pioneer in small construction equipment, this domain is achieving safe, comfortable laborsaving equipment for civil engineering and construction.



Energy System Business

In the market for air conditioners and power generators, this domain is providing a comfortable linving environment through high-efficient, low environmental impact systems.



Component Business

With core technology in "transmitting power" through such components as gears and hydraulic equipment, this domain is pionnering new markets